The Wall Lighting Company

The Wall Lighting Co.

design / build / cms / e-newsletters / e-commerce / analytics


The brief

The Wall Lighting Company was set up after the client had experienced frustration in being able easily buy quality wall lights that would be delivered promptly without any fuss. The Wall Lighting Company required JMD to build a complete e-commerce website that would streamline the process of buying wall lights from order to delivery.

The site needed to be easily updateable, feature customer reviews and also targeted fulfilment emails to increase sales and understand user journeys.

The Wall Lighting Company

The outcome

The Wall Lighting Company has been live since 2016 and has swiftly become one of the leading online retailers for wall lights with sales increasing annually.

Based upon the success of the Wall Lighting Company website, JMD were given the task of creating a sister website dedicated to selling Pendant Lights that launched in 2017.

The subsequent popularity of the two online stores has now lead to the development of a third website, The Table Lighting Company which is due to launch later in 2018.