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JMD designed and deployed the Unilever UK and Ireland Digital Asset Library on time and in full (with 100% alignment to our pre defined project key success factors). As the Unilever project manager I was fully supported by CEO of JMD, James Massey and his team of subject matter experts during all milestones of the project. JMD recognised, understood and enhanced our requirements, providing proactive and creative consultancy throughout to further enrich our solution. Costs negotiated during ideas did not increase and there were ‘no hidden costs’ which ensured I did not supersede budget. The professionalism and commitment to the roll out of our DAL aided the smooth delivery of an innovative, functional, user friendly, solution that has since been commended by its user base (internal employees and external suppliers/ customers).

It was a pleasure working in partnership with JMD and I would undoubtedly recommend both their business and solution. Fay Manners
Global Business Intelligence Manager for Marketing - Unilever