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The brief

JMD have built and developed a wide array of different tools for Unilever.

We were initially given the job of making a digital asset library for Unilever that would enable them to sort through their wide array of products and download digital files for each product. The library was required to be both easy to manage from an admin point of view and also easy to use and navigate for end users.


The outcome

The Unilever Digital Asset Library has been live and running for over 9 years and is still regularly used and updated by the staff at Unilever.

The site was such a success that it lead to JMD building further portals and applications that were required by the Unilever staff to streamline the admin process of managing their products.

We also went on to build a number of different banners and commercial emails for some of Unilever's biggest brands.

“JMD produced our brilliant library with efficiency, professionalism and style. The process from first draft to final delivery never fell behind schedule and was managed exceptionally well. JMD advised us thoroughly through the whole development process giving options along the way and being flexible enough to cope with our changing needs through the production. We are really happy with the final solution we have and have extended it, again seamlessly to incorporate additional assets outside of the original brief. The ongoing service provided by JMD for the minimal service requirements has also been to a high standard, any issue is dealt with quickly and again efficiently.

We would certainly recommend JMD to any business in need of a similar solution to ours.”

Scott Howe
Customer Marketing Design - Unilever UK Ltd.